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Finish Line Caulk instruction, demonstration and sales.  Learn how to caulk trim, baseboard, sinks, and backsplashes the easy way.  With Finish Line Caulk tools almost anyone can caulk easily, accurately, and with no mess.


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The Finish Line Caulk System

  • Creates A Small Bead Of Caulk For A Clean, Professional Finish

  • Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas, Detailed Jobs & Fine Lines

  • Compatible With Many Latex, Acrylic and Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulks

  • Caulk Transfer Piece Easily Fills Dispenser From Any Standard Caulk Gun



Precision Caulking Made Easy...


What is Finish Line Caulk?

Finish Line Caulk Tool is a syringe style caulk gun with syringe filler. The Finish Line Caulk syringe applies a small bead of caulk. Perfect for small gaps and cracks.

When using the Finish Line Caulk Transfer Tool, a syringe can be filled quickly, easily and without any mess.  Because no air enters the syringe while transferring, a filled syringe can last for months.

Filled syringes can be used for many projects around the house that require detailed work or small amounts of caulk.

The Finish Line Caulk kit makes all caulking jobs cleaner, easier and more efficient no matter what your skill level is.

Compatible with almost all standard caulk tubes.