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Finish Line Caulk instruction, demonstration and sales.  Learn how to caulk trim, baseboard, sinks, and backsplashes the easy way.  With Finish Line Caulk tools almost anyone can caulk easily, accurately, and with no mess.


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Is the Finish Line Caulk Tool Reusable?

Yes!  You can easily twist the Finish Line Caulk Tool out of your caulk tube and clean with a pipe cleaner or toothpick.  If properly cleaned, the tool can be used many times!  

Does the kit come with caulk?

No.  The tool kit currently does not come pre-filled.  You can use the Finish Line Caulk Tool to transfer your favorite type of latex or acrylic caulks.  

Can I use the Finish Line Caulk Tool Kit with silicone?

Yes.  Although not all silicone has the same viscosity.   Siliconized acrylic caulk works the best.

How long does the caulk last, once in the Finish Line Caulk Tool kit syringe?

It lasts! With the Finish Line Caulk Tools's patented transfer system, air is kept out of the syringe while filling.  When using the included syringe cap when not it use, it can last for months.  

Many tradesmen love to fill multiple syringes at once and have them capped and on hand in their toolboxes for easy use whenever they need them!


How do you store Finish Line Caulk for future use?


Storing the Finish Line Caulk tool - You can store the Finish Line Caulk tool in two ways.  It can be stored in twisted into your caulk tube and capped. This helps keeps your caulk from getting hard and keeps you ready for future fillings!  You can also untwist the tool from the caulk tube and clean with a pipe cleaner or toothpick for future use.  

Storing your syringe - The syringe is best stored filled with caulk.  You must remove the dispensing tip, wipe any caulk from the opening and cap.  Dispensing tips can be cleaned with a toothpick or pipe cleaner for future use, and/or you can purchase additional tips separately.


Can I buy syringes, caps, and dispensing tips separately? 

Yes! - All these products are available on our website.